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Electro Meridian Imaging Technology Leads to Better Results with Acupuncture

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Advanced Acupuncture Imaging Technology

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), one of the oldest continually practiced healing systems in the world. It is also the fastest growing modality of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine.

The purpose of acupuncture is to balance the body’s energy system through the manipulation of informational energy, called Qi (chee). The channels in which Qi flows are called “meridians.” According to acupuncture theory, Qi flows in identifiable patterns throughout the body. An interruption or disturbance of Qi flow in the meridians is the basis of all disease and dysfunction.

Along the meridians are special numbered locations, called acupuncture points. These points, when stimulated, have various specific effects within the meridians. Acupuncture seeks to restore balance and proper flow to body, mind and spirit by the stimulation of appropriate acupuncture points.

With over 300 points on the body how does your acupuncturist know which ones to treat? Traditionally, acupuncture diagnosis is performed by feeling the pulse, inspecting the tongue, questioning the patient and palpating the channels. Modern methods may also employ advanced technology such as electrical point finders.

Acupuncture, Science and Technology

Studies have shown that meridians and acupuncture points can be measured in various ways including infrared photography and electrical resistance testing. This technological approach began in the 1950’s when Yoshio Nakatani, MD, PhD noted areas of altered electrical conductivity on the skin of patients with various diseases. These were generally found in lines that followed the classical Chinese acupuncture meridians. He named them “lines of good electrical conductivity” or “Ryodoraku” in Japanese.

Dr. Nakatani developed a method of measuring 24 acupuncture points with an electrical probe. By plotting the measurements on a chart he was able to isolate and quantify Qi imbalances. As technology has progressed new systems using similar technology were developed such as “Electro Meridian Imaging” and AcuGraph.

AcuGraph5 is the latest development using the principles of Ryodoraku combined with computer analysis to locate energetic imbalances and make treatment recommendations based on its findings. For the AcuGraph exam a computer probe is used to measure electrical resistance at specific points on the hands and feet. The exam takes about 2 minutes. The computer analyzes the data then instantly gives a complete report with helpful information and recommendations.

The AcuGraph report lets you see the balance of Qi in your own body and helps the practitioner develop a more accurate picture of your energetic health. This results in better treatment outcomes. Tracking your results is easy to do by comparing the readings as treatments continue.

See Electro Meridian Imaging In Action:

In summary,

  • acupuncture is an ancient healing art with an excellent track record.
  • Modern scientific studies validate acupuncture’s effectiveness.
  • Inclusion of the latest technology makes acupuncture more precise, scientific, and evidence based.

Acupuncture has a lot to offer. Talk to your provider today about how acupuncture can help you to achieve better overall health, have more energy, resolve long-standing problems, address issues before they become problems, and get the most out of life!

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