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Individual Sessions or Community Acupuncture?

Individual Sessions are really the cornerstone of Acupuncture in America. There is no substitute for the personalized care that one receives one on one in a 90 minute initial private session and 60 minute follow-up. In addition to acupuncture during the private session you will also receive body-work, nutritional, herbal, and exercise recommendations. Some people may find this type of session to be especially therapeutic for the chance to talk and express themselves in a way very few medical doctors give time for and for others it is a pure bliss relaxation experience.

Although different in many ways though no less therapeutic in and of itself, Community Acupuncture at Hidden River has become a way for many who could not otherwise afford the fees usually associated with a medical treatment like Acupuncture to experience its benefits in a small group setting. Community Acupuncture at Hidden River should not be confused with “group therapy.” You will still get the benefits of a personalized treatment plan, there is no need to “share” with the group, and your privacy is still maintained in regards to any current or past medical conditions. The treatments will however take place in a small group (currently limited to 5).

It is my recommendation that a new patient receives one or two individual sessions prior to enrolling in “community” acupuncture (especially if your medical condition or history is extensive or complicated), however it is not required. A detailed intake form can be obtained on line at our “patient resources” page, and a follow-up form will also be provided to notate your primary concerns therefore eliminating most of the need for extensive verbal communication during treatments.
We will maintain a peaceful and meditative environment during the treatment sessions which typically last 45 minutes. I think most of you will find these sessions to be very rewarding and something you look forward to at the end of a long day or the beginning of a new weekend.

When you are booking online please indicate any special requests in the space provided should you have any or call us first to discuss your questions or concerns.

A brief consultation can also be provided at no cost to answer more detailed concerns.

Whether you choose an Individual “private” session or the small group Community Acupuncture, your time spent at Hidden River will be well worth it and the sooner you start with us the sooner you will actually feel the benefits that only Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine can provide.


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