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Patient Testimonials

Dan did an amazing feat of getting my leg and knee back to where I could walk without pain. His professionalism is to be commended. His knowledge is excellent and I can’t thank him enough.”

– Walter F.

“I had a long standing stiff and painful shoulder, neck, and very painful muscle in my left arm. Movement in my neck was limited. After the first treatment I felt much better and progressively through 2 more sessions I improved almost miraculously. My pain is practically gone and my range of movement is increased astonishingly. Daniel gave me several exercises which we hope will keep me from getting this again. I’m so glad I attended the opening discussion on acupuncture and followed through with 3 sessions.”

– Alice B.

“Very effective service – extremely knowledgeable of his field. Made an extraordinary difference.”

– Alice B.

“Daniel’s training of acupuncture was life changing and very informative and he was always very positive and happy.”

– Christen D.

“Took the extra time to make me comfortable and full explanation of procedures. Relieved my chronic back pain of over 20 years!”

– Keith K.

“Outstanding treatment”

– Yolanda G.

“Introduced me to my first acupuncture treatment professional, knowledgeable, explained process very well.”

– Virginia W.

“Amazing Treatments – Experienced Great Results.”

– Bruce R.

“Daniel has exceptional knowledge and is thorough in his explanations. He is pleasant, thoughtful and caring. He was very helpful in treating my chronic knee pain relieving an ongoing problem that has restricted my mobility for some time.”

– Dr. Judith W., M.D.

“Arrived with health issue. Without Daniel’s help I could not have enjoyed this vacation. Bless you Daniel.”

– Emilia T.

“Helped me quit smoking. I had not planned to quit smoking while on this vacation but with his treatments, it made it a lot easier!”

– Gordon G.

“Much gratitude and appreciation to Daniel Nemer. I was suffering with chronic headaches which are completely gone. My father had injured his sciatic nerve and was in much and continuing pain. One treatment improved this condition. Daniel is polite, professional, and an expert in his field – Thank you so much.”

– Roberta S.

“Helped my pain. Very personal Took time to explain treatments.”

– Mary D.

“Helped the pain in my neck and back.”

– Ethel A.

“I have seen many doctors over the years. Two of them suggested surgery on the vertebrae in my neck but only gave me a fifty/fifty chance of getting better or worse. Most of the doctors attributed the pain to stress and gave me muscle relaxers and pain pills. I could not take care of my children on pain pills so I learned to live with the pain. I have never been so surprised and delighted that after my very first acupuncture treatment my pain level was lowered by at least 60%. Every treatment has lowered the pain more! The treatments are painless and now for the first time in many years so am I. Thank you Daniel.”

– Sandra W. (64 years old)

“After 1 treatment my knee felt so good I was walking down stairs again…”

– David P

“Tried acupuncture for the first time to hopefully relieve leg pain, muscle spasms, and headaches. Worked great. Leg pain disappeared entirely resulting in my first full night sleep without drugs in a long time. No headaches so far. Will use acupuncture again.”

– Ken, age 59

“I have struggled through the years to find experienced acupuncturists and was pleased to find Daniel who is both knowledgeable and expert in his treatments.
Five people in our cruise party were treated by Daniel with excellent results, each with a different set of symptoms. Thanks you to Daniel for combining Eastern and Western medical philosophies.”

– Marsha S.

“I have had acupuncture many times over the past 20 years including treatments for endometriosis, carpal tunnel, menopause symptoms, and general well being. For the past 5 years I’ve had regular ‘Facial Rejuvenation’ treatments. They are painless and very effective. I’m often told I look a decade younger than my age and asked what I do because I look very ‘well.’ I was very impressed with my treatments from Daniel. He was very gentle in his approach and his level of skill and training is obvious. I felt refreshed, pampered and glowing!”

– Alice P. L.

“Having had acupuncture for the last 39 years for pain management, from China to San Francisco, I can attest to having walked out of this treatment, blessed, blessed, and touched wonderfully by Daniel. His awareness to my situation his subtle touch and acute use of the application of acupuncture has left me feeling better than I have in months. No amount of money may account for such relief. Thank you. ”

– Robert M.

I was very happy to have been referred to Daniel for treatment. He was kind and caring, treating me with his full attention. I couldn’t have asked for a better acupuncture experience.

– S.D.

I have been seeing Daniel for 3 years now. He has been the one true solution for my persistent migraine issues, where others were only temporary. He has assisted me with many other health concerns and is a genuine and caring provider. I look forward to continuing my treatments with him and highly recommend him as often as I can.

– C.D.

I loved Daniel’s approach to wellness! After my first session, I feel much relief from muscle tension in my upper back and neck. Looking forward to additional sessions!

– M.N.

I saw Daniel two days ago, after a four month lull. I have always had very good results from seeing him. This time was exceptional. I was desperate for relief from 10 days of severe pain and inability to perform daily tasks. I left after an hour, feeling real relief for the first time! He did for me, what a week of doctor’s visits & drug therapy never touched, and much more. ~ I’m kicking myself for not
going earlier. He truly is the best!

– E.K.

Daniel is a ‘tuned-in’ listener with the knowledge and ability to determine how to treat effectively.

– H.L.

Daniel is a very caring professional. He has made a significant impact on my post-surgery recovery and associated neuropathic pain. He takes the time to make a proper assessment and adjusts his treatment sessions accordingly. He incorporates a variety of methods to improve treatment outcomes.

– O.T.