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Acupuncture for Back Pain

Acupuncture for Back PainThe back is very susceptible to what health care providers call – “pain cycle”. This is when muscles go into spasm due to pain. That distorts bones and nerves, which causes more spasms and more pain. Acupuncture can break this cycle by promoting natural steroid and endorphin production within the body.

Some Acupuncturists will use a few needles on a patient’s hands or back but methodologies can differ. Exercise, lifestyle & diet changes, and Chinese herbs may also be prescribed to eliminate back pain and keep it from coming back.

The length of treatment varies depending on how long the patient has had the condition. Usually, the longer you’ve experienced the back pain, the longer it will take to fully heal.

Roughly 80% of people at throughout their lives will suffer back pain. It is one of the most common reasons people seek medical help, whether Western or Oriental Medicine, such as acupuncture.

An Acupuncturist begins any course of treatment with the Four Examinations:

  • Looking
  • Listening and Smelling
  • Asking
  • Touching

Patients are asked about their life and various parts of the body are examined – not just the back. Why? Because, Oriental Medicine concerns itself more with restoring balance and harmony to the entire body rather than focusing solely on 1 part or symptom. Oriental Medicine treatments like acupuncture are based on the Daoist principle of interconnectedness. The tongue is examined closely as various shades and coatings are thought to indicate the patient’s general health.

Qi (pronounced “chee”) stagnation is a common Oriental Medicine diagnosis for people with back pain. Qi is the energy which flows through the body along energy channels, meridian. Micro-thin needles are inserted at particular points on these meridians. The points do not necessarily have to be at the site of pain. The idea is to get the energy flowing smoothly again so it does not remain stagnant.

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