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Acupuncture for Headaches

Acupuncture for Headaches

Acupuncture identifies a range of possible causes for headaches. These include general constitutional deficiency, stress, overwork, too much sex, poor diet, and trauma. Even the patient’s parents’ health can be a factor, particularly at the time the patient was conceived. An accident or shock suffered by the mother during pregnancy can cause the fetus to have health issues – like headaches later in life.

A treatment plan will likely include needling sessions as well as diet and lifestyle counseling, exercise, meditation, and Chinese herbs. Lifestyle changes like exercise and meditation to relieve stress can help stop future headaches by eliminating their cause. Many chronic headache sufferers see improvement after just a few visits.

Thin, sterile needles are inserted at various points on the patient’s body during the sessions. This procedure typically has a calming effect, releasing endorphin’s and the body’s natural pain killers. From a Oriental medical perspective, the process works by increasing and balancing Qi (energy) flow throughout the body by manipulating specific points where that energy is blocked.

Anger can be a common cause for headaches. The Acupuncture Medicine include frustration, resentment, and long-held grudges under the general category of “anger”. Worry, grief, and fear are other negative feelings that can also lead to headaches. Dispelling this negative energy can be key to eliminating or reducing headaches.

Dietary factors causing chronic or frequent headaches include eating too much or too little food in general. Too much of a particular type of food can be toblame. The same goes for over indulgence in supposed “damp-producing” foods like dairy, sweets, and/or fried foods.

An Acupuncturist seeing a patient coming in for headache will conduct a thorough interview and exam to discern the patient’s overall health as well as the cause and type of headache. All this is because the Oriental medicine focuses on harmonizing the patient’s body and spirit as a whole rather than trying to treat one specific problem like a headache in isolation. Treatment protocol will thus vary widely depending on the patient’s overall health and specific issues.

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